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    Cool nifty little thing i made

    Here is a nifty little thing I made.

    All of us have probably made a base 10 to base 2 converter before. Well, I took a new approach to it.

    The most common approach is to mod by 2 recursively until you finally get down to 1's and 0's and form a base 2 number.

    I did it quite differently.

    I originally did this using ANSI C (char pointers, etc.), and it will definitely work that way if you want to make a version like that, but I changed it to use the STL string class to make it more readable.

    #include <string>
    #define BIT_1_MASK 0x00000001
    string ConvertToBaseTwo ( int k )
    	string binary;
       char *c = new char;
       for ( int i = 0; i < (sizeof(int)*8); i++ )
    		*c = ((k >> i) & BIT_1_MASK) + '0';
       	binary.prepend( c, 0, 1 );
       binary.remove ( 0, binary.find_first_of("1"));
       return binary;
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    You may also wish to try

    template<typename T>
    std::string ConvertToBaseTwo(T k)
    	std::stringstream ss;
    	ss << std::bitset<std::numeric_limits<T>::digits>(k);
    	return ss.str();

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