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    simple vector scrolling..

    yeah i was wondering if you could help me with a simple algorithm im missing.
    I have some player scores I want to show in a game, and i have them stored in a vector. What i want to do is show 10 scores at a time on screen, then have a "next line" and "prev line" button to scroll through the scores.

    a basic idea ive been thinking about is make a 10-element vector and store the elements i want to display from the bigger vector onto that one. this is what i got so far:

    void Stats::update_next()
      cursor = (cursor+1)%len;
    void Stats::update_prev()
    if(cursor <= 0)
      cursor = (cursor-1)% len;
    vector<Player> Stats::current_stats(const vector<Player>& players)
            vector<Player> temp2(10);
    	for (int i=0; i<temp2.size(); i++)
    	return temp2;
    where len = players.size() and cursor is initialized to 0 (on its first run).

    thanks in advace : ]

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    n/m, figured it out ;D

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