Thread: Structure charts?

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    Structure charts?

    Hey could someone help me with a stucture chart for a program i have? I would be very grateful, if so please contact me on aim at

    I can offer a membership for my upcoming webdesign site as a reward Thankyou.

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    >if so please contact me on aim
    This is a forum, if you want help it can be provided here. If you're too lazy to come back and check for replies then you clearly don't want our help that badly.

    >I can offer a membership for my upcoming webdesign site as a reward
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Im not to lazy to come back here, i figured it would be easier if someone could contact me on IM rather than a long drawn out thread. And the webdesign membership was just a little something in return for someones time, thats all.

    My problem is this, i have a program and i need to do a structure chart for it, what exactly is a structure chart? Is it like a data flow diagram with things like....

    Input password > checks password agaisnt file > grants access

    How detailed do i need to go? Example of code....

    int main()
    int student[5][3];
    char grade[5];
    for (int m=0; m<5; m++)
    	cout << "\n\nEnter grade for Coursework (student " << (m+1) << "): ";
    	cin >> student[m][0];
    	cout << "Enter grade for Written Examination (student " << (m+1) << "):";
    	cin >> student[m][1];
    	student[m][2] = student[m][0] + student[m][1];
    	if ( (student[m][2] <= 100) && (student[m][2] >= 70) )
    		grade[m] = 'A';
    	if ( (student[m][2] <= 69) && (student[m][2] >= 50) )
    		grade[m] = 'B';
    	if ( (student[m][2] <= 49) && (student[m][2] >= 40) )
    		grade[m] = 'C';
    	if ( (student[m][2] <= 39) && (student[m][2] >= 0) )
    		grade[m] = 'F';
    So if someone could provide me with their idea of a structure chart for that snippet i could probably do the rest.


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    This is what I had for my old course. I never have to do it any longer. For detailed, complete requirement, inquire the one who assigns it to you, I suppose.
    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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