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    Lightbulb is this the best way??

    I have written a little program from an example problem in a book. I am wondering if you guys would look at it and tell me if this is the most efficient way to do this or is there a better way?

    #include <iostream.h>
    int con, acctNum = 0;
    double bal, totalCharge, totalCredit, credLimit, totalBal, newBal = 0.0;
    int main()
    	while(acctNum != -1)
    	cout << "Enter account number(-1 to exit): \n";
    	cin >> acctNum;
    	if(acctNum == -1) {break;}
    	cout << "Enter beginning balance:\n";
    	cin >> bal;
    	cout << "Enter total charges:\n";
    	cin >> totalCharge;
    	cout << "Enter total credits:\n";
    	cin >> totalCredit;
    	cout << "Enter credit limit:\n";
    	cin >> credLimit;
    	cout << "Account: " << acctNum << "\n";
    	cout << "Credit limit: " << credLimit << "\n";
    	totalBal = ((bal - (totalCharge) + (totalCredit))); 
    	newBal = ((bal + (totalCharge) - (totalCredit)));
    		if(newBal > credLimit)
    			{cout << "Credit Limit Exceeded.\n";}		
    	cout << "Balance: " << totalBal << "\n";
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    Looks mostly ok to me. You could cin the various entries in one line, or two, rather than one for each entry.
    cin >> bal >> totalCharge >> total Credit....
    You could lose a few parantheses, but they don't hurt.
    I think your totalBal calculation may be wrong. I don't think you should subtract charges and add credits, it should be the other way around. In fact, I don't see why you need totalBal at all, since you calculate newBal in the next line, and I think that's what you really want to print.

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