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    vector as private data


    i'm just writing a small class now and i want a few vectors as private data. if i use the line
     	std::vector<int> a;
    then there's no problem. But i want to declare that this vector should contain say, 32 elements, and that they are all initialise3d to 0, so i tried
     	std::vector<int> a(32, 0);
    but it won't let me and errors with some
     error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
    How can i specify the size and initial contents of the vector?

    I don't get any errors if i use code like this in an ordinary program. Is there something special happening here cause it's in the private data section of a class?

    Any ideas would be great.

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    just try specifying in the constructor

    run a loop in the constructor that does it for ya

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    You can't call constructors directly in the class declaration, you must do it in the constructor chain of the class constructor.
    class mine {
      std::vector<int> vec;
      mine() : vec(32) {}
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