Thread: problem with pausing the program

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    problem with pausing the program

    I am having a problem porting some windows code to Linux and having that "press any key to continue" thingee, I have tried every scrap of code in your FAQ regarding this issue, and they all work in their own programs, when I try to add it to my code though, it doesn't work, I have tried both Xterm and the console with same results.
    std::cout << "\n		Enter Choice: ";
    		std::cin >> choice;
              case 'i':
                   system ("clear");
                   std::cout << "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n            Program has been set to defaults.";
               //    std::cout << "\n                     Press any key to continue." <<std::endl;
                 //       getch();
    The getch() above is using the termios method from your FAQ, I have tried all portable methods, and nothing works. Any help would be great!

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    Wait till i get the c++ standard people on my backs.
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    If you are using/porting to Linux, you may want to look at NCurses.

    getchar() ? Eughh.. Please, this is a C++ forum!

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    I think I may do this differently, by making a sleep function........although, the getch() function works great in windows, compiler specific however, we need a standard <conio.h>

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    Post a small and complete program which shows the problem.

    My guess is that you're suffering from trailing characters left by cin >> choice (just like scanf() does in C programs), and your attempt to wait for a key "doesn't work".

    cin.ignore(1000,'\n'); // skip at most 1000 chars looking for a newline
    just before you want to wait for a key.
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