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    How to GUI...

    I am making a program that will need to display the following information:

    Motor PWM1
    Motor PWM2
    Motor Speed1
    Motor Speed2

    The data will be updated every 30ms.

    I will need the capacity to input text, then use the program to decifer the text, then send the text to COM1 using writefile.

    So, do what would be best for displaying the data?

    I am using Console mode at the moment and find it easy to work with, but i am not sure how and if it can do the sort of stuff i need to do.


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    Depends on what this is for. If its a game, DirectX should work. Otherwise, try WinAPI.
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    Coding a GUI program (especially for the uninitiated) can be quite an overwhelming experience. I say stick with the console for now.
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    If you do use a GUI, I'd personally go with a portable library like GTK or Qt instead of WinAPI... They tend to be a bit easier to figure out as well.
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    I like the console for non-gaming things. You spend more time coding functionality than prettiness, or trying to force your API to do as it's told.

    I guess I'm just too much into *nix based OS's.

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