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    Question parsing delimited strings

    I am trying to write an ANSI C++ compatible routine to parse a string such as the following that is delimited by a comma(,)

    I could use strtok, but it does not handle an empty token and
    returns Field4=def.

    I know that I could use some character by character logic to
    pick off the values, but I'm hoping there is something better
    available, while still using ANSI C++ standard code.

    Please help!!

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    You can try using the string class with the algorithm function templates. These provide all you need to do that kind of stuff (find, count...).

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    Just out of curiosity, what value does endp + 1 have the first time through your for loop? Since endp is initialized to NULL and the value isn't changed until after the embedded if statement concludes is NULL + 1 a legal statement? The same would hold for the line:

    int num = p - endp - 1;

    the first time through the loop. is p - NULL - 1 a legal statement. I thought NULL was defined as 0 which is different from the integer value zero making both of these statements undefined, correct? (asked meekly)

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    endp + 1 is refering to the address which endp points to, not the value that address contains. To add 1 to the value which endp points to you need to use the * operator ie *endp++.
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    gotcha, mostly.

    c_ coder pointed out part of my problem and I didn't realize when you use logical and, &&, the left hand side is evaluated first and the right hand side is evaluated only if the left equates to true. I thought both sides were evalutated and if both sides were true, then the statement resolves to true. Thanks.


    Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways. For a while I thought you were wrong and temporarily posted a message to that effect. But after thinking about it I see that you are correct. Using the edit function of the board allows me to apologize and correct my mistake at the same time.
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