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    Unhappy Need help with keyboard input

    Im a total newb and I've only just started programming in c++ and Im trying to make a loop while a keyboard button is being pressed. The problem is I have no idea how to do keyboard input and I don't know what to search for in tutorials.

    Can you please tell me what things I should search for to find a tutorial for this problem?!


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    cin >> variable
    . You know this site has FAQ's, right?
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    it takes a while, but learning how to be as specific as possible does help get meaningful answers. In your case do you want some thing to happen every time somebody enters a certain key or do you want to stop a process that is ongoing when somebody pushes a key? Is the action that will occur input key dependent or will pushing any key trigger the event you want to do? etc. Be as specific as possible. Also what compiler and operating system is available to you, and what is the intended end user for the product?

    To start with you might look up istream methods and if non-standard C++ doesn't bother you, you could look into the function kbhit()---beware, non-standard means not all compilers have kbhit() available.

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