Thread: what are TCHAR's & _tcscpy?

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    what are TCHAR's & _tcscpy?

    Hi I'm trying to get a class function to work, the function is;

    CD3DFont::CD3DFont ( TCHAR * strFontName,
    DWORD dwHeight,
    DWORD dwFlags = 0L

    The problem is when I try to use it I get something about a "long" or unsigned long error. But when I copy the whole class into my main cpp, instead of having it as an include, it works ok. The next bit in the function is;

    _tcscpy( m_strFontName, strFontName );

    I think this might be what the problem is, I looked up _tcscpy and I think it copies something like a const char to a char, is there any way around this, is there char function that will do it with out the const bit? I don't know what the problem is otherwise.
    This is the file if any one wants to see it.


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    TCHAR is an abstract type that can be either a char or wchar_t depending on if you have UNICODE defined or not.

    Don't use TCHAR, use char and strcpy() and the likes.


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    std::string was created for a reason, use it.

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