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    vectors of pointers

    I am getting memory leak errors when running my program.. I have determined that the error is in this section, specifically in the push_back line for the vector. the newCard variable receives the pointer to the Card object just fine. The problem occurs when I try to push this pointer onto the vector. the vector is part of the class this funtion belongs to,a nd is defined as vector <Card*> guardiansHand. Any input or information would be appreciated. thanks!

    		for ( int x = 0; x < drawNumber; x++ )
    			Card* newCard = new Card;
    			cardIndex = ( rand( ) % theDeck->getDeckSize( ) + 1 );
    			cout << cardIndex << endl;
    			theDeck->findACard( cardIndex );
    			newCard = theDeck->findACard( cardIndex );
    			guardiansHand.push_back( newCard );
    			newCard->printCardInfo( );

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    You create a new Card object and assign that to the pointer newCard but then you later reassign this pointer to the value returned from the theDeck->findACard( cardIndex ) function call and push this new value onto the vector. What happens to the memory that you got from the original call to new?
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    That is a valid point, and I have to admit that I don't completely understand pointers... in that previous code example, I allocated space for the newCard pointer, and then assigned the data in a different pointer to the newCard pointer, and deleted the old pointer. (this is done behind the scenes of the code section I have shown) However, the problem is identical when I try to use only the call to the findACard( ) function (which returns a pointer to a Card object) and don't deal at all with the newCard pointer.

    It is possible I didn't completely understand your question, but I feel the problem lies in a diff. direction.

    for ( int x = 0; x < drawNumber; x++ )
    			//Card* newCard = new Card;
    			cardIndex = ( rand( ) % theDeck->getDeckSize( ) + 1 );
    			cout << cardIndex << endl;
    			//newCard = theDeck->findACard( cardIndex );
    			guardiansHand.push_back( theDeck->findACard( cardIndex ) );
    			//newCard->printCardInfo( );

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    Another note on that issue is that the program works perfectly when I use the newCard pointer by itself, and simply output the value to the screen. The problem occurs when i try to push the newCard value onto the vector.

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    Here is the other function referenced in my code...

    	void Hand::drawCards( Deck* theDeck, int drawNumber )
    		static int init = 1;
    		int cardIndex;
    		if ( init == 1 )
    			srand( time( NULL ) );
    		for ( int x = 0; x < drawNumber; x++ )
    			cardIndex = ( rand( ) % theDeck->getDeckSize( ) + 1 );
    			cout << cardIndex << endl;
    			guardiansHand.push_back( theDeck->findACard( cardIndex ) );

    and the findACard( ) function in the Deck class:

    	Card* Deck::findACard( int cardIndex )
    		return guardiansDeck[ cardIndex ];

    guardiansDeck is assigned with vector<Card*> guardiansDeck; it is a private member of Deck. findACard is basically just a "getter" function for a specific item within a vector of Card pointers. The purpose of the drawCard function is to get a pointer from within the Deck vector, and push it onto the Hand vector. Since they are both pointers to the same location in memory, I shouldn't need to reallocate the memory, right?

    If i just comment out the line that pushes the pointer onto the vector, it runs perfectly...
    I can put in a line, such as

    Card* newCard = theDeck->findACard( cardIndex );

    and everything works fine. It only encounters problems when i push it onto the vector.

    As far as deleting pointers, and freeing memory... I do have functions to do that once I am done with the pointer... but the program doesnt even get that far...

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    In case anyone reads this in the future and wants to help, I already solved the problem. Thanks

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