Thread: Date program starts DOS's date

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    Date program starts DOS's date

    I wrote a program (originally a exercise fro m a book) that allows the user to enter a date like mm/dd/yy and then displays it. When i compile and run it (i'm using DOS (standard) application) it runs DOS's date program (allows you to change the date on your system) when my program is totally different!

    i figured out why this happened. my projects name was date, and when i changed the name it ran MY program. So why would it run DOS's date program just because the name is the same?

    But even though everything was the same when i ran my program, and dos's program, there was a slight difference. The dos's date program asks for the date in this format: dd-mm-yy and my program asks for it in mm-dd-yy. ??

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    That is because of the search path.
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