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    > can anyone see where i made my mistake?
    Yeah, you lost a bunch of braces which you so carefully put in some time ago.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    the system("pause"); did pause the program but wouldn't let any more user input like i wanted to make it go from the theory to the game part but it just closes when you hit enter.

    [CODE][#include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;

    int main(void)
    string whattheytype;
    string whattheytype2;
    string whattheytype3;
    string commands = "commands";
    string option1 = "start";
    string theory = "theory";/*variables*/
    string game ="game";
    string leave = "exit";
    int pause;
    int more;

    std::cout<<"this game was ripped off from the choose your own adventure\n";
    std::cout<<" book called Undergound Kingdom by Edward Packard\n";
    std::cout<<"ok this is a choose your own adventure game called\n";
    std::cout<<"Underground kingdom. you will read the page then you will be\n";
    std::cout<<"asked to choose which way you want to go and such\n";
    std::cout<<"sounds like fun huh? thought so. ok type commands to\n";
    std::cout<<"get a list of commands. and type exit to leave";/* all this is is the introductory for the game*/
    std::cout<<"\ntype start to start the game!\n"<<endl;

    if (whattheytype == commands)
    std::cout<<"just follow the instructions and restart the program\n"<<endl;/*insructions*/
    if (whattheytype == "exit")
    if (whattheytype == "start")/*beginning of actual game*/
    std::cout<<"The Underground Kingdom is not easy to reach. Many Players\n";
    std::cout<<"never get ther. Others never return.\n";
    std::cout<<" Before starting out on your journey, you may want to read\n";
    std::cout<<"Professor Bruckner's theory, which is set fourth on the next block\n";
    std::cout<<"of text.\n";
    std::cout<<" Professor Bruckner is a rather boring writer, and i wouldn't\n";
    std::cout<<"suggest that you bother read his theory exept that, if you ever\n";
    std::cout<<"get to the Underground Kingdom, it might save your life. Good luck!\n"<<endl;
    std::cout<<"type theory to read the theory type game to start the game\n";
    if (whattheytype2 == theory)
    std::cout<<" PROFESSOR\n";
    std::cout<<" BRUCKNER'S\n";
    std::cout<<" THEORY\n";
    std::cout<<"The discovery of the Bottomless Crevasse in Greenland by Dr. Nera \n";
    std::cout<<"Vivaldi supports my therory that the earth is not solid, as has\n";
    std::cout<<"been thought, but that it is hollow. The Bottomless Crevasse is\n";
    std::cout<<"probably the sole route from the earth's surface to a vast Underground\n";
    std::cout<<"Kingdom. The only other possible link would be an underground river,\n";
    std::cout<<"flowing in alternating directions in response to the tides, but this \n";
    std::cout<<"seems unlikely.\n";
    std::cout<<"How you may ask, was the earth hollowed out? My studies show that more\n";
    std::cout<<"than a billion years ago a tiny blck hole collided with out planet and\n";
    std::cout<<"lodged in its center, pulling the whole molten core into an incredibly\n";
    std::cout<<"massive sphere only a few hundred meter across.\n";
    std::cout<<"If you were to stand on the inner surface of the earth, like a fly on the\n";
    std::cout<<"shell of an enormous pumpkin, you would see the black hole directly overhead,\n";
    std::cout<<"press any key and hit enter for more of the theory\n";
    std::cout<<"like a black sun.\n";
    std::cout<<"The Gravity of the earth's thick shell would hold you to the inner shell\n";
    std::cout<<"of the earth, though you would weigh much less than you would on the\n";
    std::cout<<"outer surface because the mass of the Black Sun would tend to pull \n";
    std::cout<<"you toward it. If there were a very tall mountain in the Underground\n";
    std::cout<<"Kingdom and you were to climb to the top of it, you might be pulled\n";
    std::cout<<"up into the Black Sun because gravity gets stronger as you approach\n";
    std::cout<<"a massive object.\n";
    std::cout<<"In all other respects the Black Sun would not be dangerous to any creatures\n";
    std::cout<<"in the Unerground Kingdom. On the contrary, the Black Sun would be\n";
    std::cout<<"necessary to life in th underworld, but in the opposit way that the sun is\n";
    std::cout<<"necessary to life on the earth's surface. OUr sun give us heat and keeps us\n";
    std::cout<<"from freezing. The Black Sun absorbs heat. If there is an underground \n";
    std::cout<<"kingdom, it is the Black Sun that keep its inhabitants from being baked to\n";
    std::cout<<"death by the heat within the earth.\n";
    std::cout<<"type game to start game!\n";
    if (whattheytype3 == "game")
    if (whattheytype == leave)
    std::cout<<"press any key to exit\n";
    if (whattheytype != "start")
    std::cout<<"i dont understand\n";
    return 0;

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