Thread: Question regarding classes

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    Question regarding classes

    I have this class in a project for school:

    class info
    friend istream & operator >>(istream &, info&);
    friend ostream & operator <<(ostream &, const info &);
    	bool operator<( const info & ) const;
    	const info & operator=(const info & );
        void setId(int);
    	bool  operator==(const info &) const;
    	char name[20];
    	int id;
    	int age;
    Now for the << and >> operators, I have this:

     istream & operator >>(istream & in, info& l)
    	 in >> l.age >> >>;
    	 return in;
     ostream & operator <<(ostream & out, const info & l)
    	 out << l.age <<' ' << <<' ' <<;
    	 return out;
    VC++ gives me a compile error for both of those saying "error C2248: 'age' : cannot access private member declared in class 'info'." This error occurs for each of the 3 variables. It is my understanding that a friend is able to access all private members of the class. So, why am I getting this error? Thanks.


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    I got similar errors a long time ago, I never understood why.
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    So, why am I getting this error
    Because there is a bug in MSVC.

    Try downloading the latest service pack for MSVC. That should solve your problems.
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    I compiled with Dev without problems.
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