Thread: Warmup Exercizes.

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    Warmup Exercizes.

    Yep, I'm new here, sorta, well new to the message boards, however, I have a few questions but I will first state that I have been programming in C/C++ for about 2 years off and on. One thing I don't know and would like to know if any of the more professional programmers here have and ideas on simple warmup coding exercizes, if not possibly make one up that might be of assistance, such as if loop exercizes or for loops, constructor and destructor exercizes or variations of the two into one console app. My programming is far from perfect and sometimes I get writers blocks and have to quit for a while because I feel that I'm not advancing how I should be. Any exercizes would be appreciated, post them here. I just need some simple references that can help me get comfortable with coding using less online reference. Thanks.

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    Write a message que system for console.
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    Write your own vector class.
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    Do a search on Google for "C++ assignments" and similar phrases. Chances are you'll come across some exercises, past question papers and the like. Some of those will have ideas that you can code.

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