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    using bcc32

    Hi there,

    I am using the bcc32 compiler provided as a free download by borland. I would like to know how to use it to build and compile apps containing vcl components. I have tried to re-compile an old windows app built using the bcb builder IDE but cannot link together all the .obj files since I keep getting the error:
    "linker error: unable to resolve call to _main in c0x32.obj"

    any advice on this appreciated,



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    > "linker error: unable to resolve call to _main in c0x32.obj"
    It thinks you're compiling a console application, not a windows application.

    bcc32 /?

    to see what option(s) you need to flag a windows build.

    I've no idea whether the free download supports VCL or not.
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    Use -W to compile a windows app.

    bcc32 -W

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    Dear All,

    I tried using the -W parameter as suggested but still I cannot link the .obj files together. This is the new error message:

    "linker error: unable to resolve call to winmain in c0x32.obj"

    Any thoughts,



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    UNICODE WinMain() perhaps?

    Do you even define a main() or WinMain() in your own source?

    Kinda fishy that the linker is saying "winmain" instead of "WinMain".


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    I use bcc32 -tW winapp.cpp and have no problems.
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