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    how to start

    hi all,

    i have to write a maze program using stack and tree structure but i don't know how to start coding this?
    can anyone tell me how to start?

    thank you very much!!

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    Start with this:

    int main()


    return 0;

    Just joking... Sorry, I don't know anything about stacks

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    What's the stack got to do with it??? If you want to write a program that gets you out of a maze, then you'll need a tree structure. For that I gave an example further down (it was about 1-3 trees). Once you've programmed your Tree/Node classes you use your tree to explore each path in the maze. If you do a width first search you'll find the shortest way out!!! This is done qute easely. You represent the maze by an integer matrix. You say 1 is a wall and 2 is where you've already been. You have four options (ie each node will have maximum 4 direct kids) up,down,left and right. A branch ends when either it its a wall (1) or it hits your path (2). You're out when the current position in a Node is equal to the exit.
    All AI books treat this example. Come back if you need more help.

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