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    Could someone please explain to me exactly how pointers work? For some reason I'm not getting it. I read the tutorial here all thoroughly but I'm still left in the dust.

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    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thumbs up Nice, Prelude!

    My standard "homework" analogy...

    Sally doesn't know the answer to the homework, but she knows who does... Sally is a pointer. Bob has the answers, but you don't know that... maybe you don't know where Bob lives. (In a program, Bob doesn't have a name, only an address).

    If you ask Sally what she knows, she will give you Bob's address:
    Answer = Sally; // Answer now equals Bob's address... not what you want

    You can tell Sally to go get the answer.
    Answer = *Sally // Answer now equals the real answer.

    The most common use for pointers is when a function needs to modify or return more than one value. For example, when you need to modify a string.
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    Sparknotes has some good pointer tutorials, with nice visuals:
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