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    Help with Arrays

    I need somewhere to start off with.

    Brief Description
    1. In this assignment , you are to write a program that prints out the elements of an array of numbers and finds the aveages of those numbers. The array has as its element type int, and a size of 150.

    Your program must include these functions:
    1. void intitalize (int [], int); which intializes the arrays elements to a random integer between 1 and 100.

    2. void print (int [], int); which prints out all of the array elements with 10 per line, anda spacing between the elements of 7.

    I need some help on where to start off at. A little bit of code on any of thes things. Thank you.


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    initialize will just go through the entire array, and put in numbers one by one. You know how many elements are in the array, so bounds checking is cake.

    the second one is pretty self explanitory.

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