Thread: Using strings with the copy constructor

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    Using strings with the copy constructor

    This should be a fairly easy question to answer, but it has me stumped. I need to be able to use the copy constructor to copy a string that's entered by the user. When I try to do this the normal way I've been using the copy constructor, like so:

    member = class.member

    I get an error telling me that I need to use an LValue. This works for every other data type except strings. Thanks in advance.

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    Show your class declaration. Also you are talking about char arrays?
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    If you are using normal strings, (i.e. null terminated strings), you need to use the strcpy() function to copy the contents of one string to another...

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    That worked beautifully adrianxw, thank you. I'm surprised I didn't try that, I've been working with C for so long and C++ classes are so different that it never crossed my mind to try using string.h. Thanks again

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