Thread: variable garbage?

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    variable garbage?


    I haven't initialised a variable, and so the value I'm getting from it is some floating point number? I know this is because I haven't initialised it, but why does it contain a floating point number?


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    It contains whatever was in memory before your program was run...maybe code...maybe other variables....maybe Bill Gate's phone way to know unless you get dialling!

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    Because the variable type you declared is floating point, the bits in that memory location are just interpreted as a floating point number. Remember, all variables are is just bits, plain and simple.
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    it could actually be some of your post in this thread... the bits are just read as a float instead of chars...
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    Yes, it's impossible for a float or double to contain anything besides a float or double -- whatever those 32 or 64 bits contain, it will be interpreted as a floating point. Technically I suppose you could get NaN as well, but the odds of that are very small.
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