Thread: Whats a very simple but good game i can try to make?

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    Whats a very simple but good game i can try to make?

    Whats a simple but good game i can try to make(note: i am a begginner.) I don't want to make tic tac toe because its been done-more than twice! so i don't want to do that. what is another easy to make game i can do?

    please submit anything!
    thank you
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    someone wrote to me to ask me to write a game for them in straight c. I knew this was for his homework so I wrote it for him but in c++ (fully OOP).The game was called Hunt the Hurkle. I have lost the email but I have my code so i can tell you the basic rules....

    the board is a 10x10 square.You have 10 moves to uncover the hurkle.When you make a move if its a miss then you have to tell the user where the hurkle is in relation to the guess.This only has to be a single direction of either UP,DOWN,LEFT or RIGHT.If the hurkle is found then print a message and ask for another game.If the game is lost then print a message including the position of the hurkle and ask for another game. Have a good go at this.Try and take an OOP approach if you can.Post your code and you may have my version to learn from if you wish!
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    Heyyy Sebastiannnnn!!!!

    ya well I han't gave you the code to move a character yet
    so I'll just give you the basic idea for now, IM me later for questions since your not online right now...

    Since you have the code for the arrow keys, you might want to try this(This is the way I made my little '@' move in all my games):

    make two integer variables, x and y, and make them zero
    under the K_UP statement say gotoxy(x,y), putch(' ') to make it blank so it doesn't leave any tracks, then say y--, then put gotoxy(x,y) and putch('@'). That should work. Now For The right arrow key, make sure you put x++, and for the down arrow key, put y++, and for the left arrow key, put x--. Remember to include conio.h.
    That is exactly how I did my games(my first ones).
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