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    Unhappy so sorry

    hello .
    I tryed to run your program jlou but I gave this error "declaration syntax error" in the third line (using name...).
    I tryed to to make it true but i didnt succeed .
    I have borland c++ 3.1 and I must write (.h) in headers name .
    my program is too simple , even it is funny . my calculator isn't programable and it is why I wrote this program . here it is :

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <conio.h>

    int main()
    float a ;
    cin >> a ;
    a=a-(a*a*a-a-1)/(3*a*a-1) ;
    cout << "ans=" << a ;
    getch() ;
    return 0;

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    Don't create a new thread, keep all replies in the original thread for easy viewing.

    Your compiler is also WAAAAY out of compliance with the C++ standards of today, so if you are serious about C++, I highly recommend you get a free or paid compiler that is C++98 compliant.
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