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    Talking Need ref for some C++ stuff...


    I have been learning basic C++ mainly dealing in data structures, excl templates.

    I am now trying to import pictures or edit text into colour into my output (onscreen) and havent got a clue how to start.

    Can anyone provide me with links to online tutorials etc or what ref bks i should be looking at.

    Tks a mill!

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    look at the FAQ.

    Else, include conio.c and use textcolor (arg) (arg must be between 0-255)

    Windows API is good too, uses same values as textcolor.

    edit : windows CONSOLE API.
    Also does cursorlocation, things like that.
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    Yes, I agree, move to Windows Programming. Start here:

    theForger's Win32 Tutorial
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect
    Windows XP Pro

    Code Tags
    Programming FAQ

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