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    Stupid Me...... Crashes

    Is it possible, from looking at this ....thing.... from my program, to tell if this goodamn function has a bug? it compiles, but when i try and run it in main..... results are spectacular. Program crashes (not winblows tho), once i got beeps, blah.

    class GuiElement {
    public :
    	bool OutOfBounds	();						//Returns true if box will not fit on screen.	
    	//Appearance Accessors
    	int ChangeColor		( int ArgBox, int ArgHead, int ArgText );
    	int ChangeThickness ( bool ArgThickness );
    	int ChangeSizePos	( int ArgXPos, int ArgYPos, int ArgXSize, int ArgYSize );
    	int ChangePosition	( int ArgPos, int ArgYPos );
    	int ChangeSize		( int ArgXSize, int ArgYSize );
    protected :
    	//Appearance Characteristics
    	unsigned short int 	BoxColor;				//Colour the box will be
    	unsigned short int 	HeaderColor;			//Colour the header will be
    	unsigned short int 	TextColor;				//Colour text will be
    	bool				Thickness;				//Thickness of box ( single or double )
    	int	XPos;
    	int	YPos;
    	int	XSize;
    	int	YSize;
    class TextBox : public GuiElement{
    public :
    	virtual int Display			();								//displays as a textbox with.... box.
    	int Range			( int ArgStart, int ArgEnd );	//Displays a given portion of the text string without the box.
    	//Editing Functions
    	int Prepend			( string szArgText );			//Add to the start
    	int Append			( string szArgText );			//Add to the end
    	int Rewrite			( string szArgText );			//Totally rewrites contents of string.
    	int ChangeHeader	( string szArgHeader );			//Totally rewrites header string.
    	//Error Checking Functions : as well as returning true, they will also output a log to a file
    //	bool TextSizeIllegal();								//Returns true if size of text exceeds what can fit in box.
    //	bool HeaderIllegal	();								//Returns true if header wil not fit.
    protected :
    	string szHeader;									//Holds the header
    	string szText;										//Holds the actual text
    int TextBox::Display()
    	Draw Draw;
    	Draw.ChangeColor		( BoxColor );
    	Draw.Box				( XPos, YPos, XSize, YSize, Thickness );
    	Draw.CursorLocation		( XPos + 1, YPos + 1 );		//relocate the curosr to the top left corner of teh box
    	Draw.ChangeColorGlobal	( HeaderColor );
    	cout.write				( szHeader.c_str(), XSize - 2 );	//Make sure you dont write over the box
    	Draw.CursorLocation		( XPos + 1, YPos + 2 );
    	int i;
    	int j;
    	int k;
    	for ( i = 0 ; i < YSize - 2 ; i++ )
       		Draw.CursorLocation ( XPos + 1, YPos + 2 + i);
    		 for ( j = 0 ; j < XSize - 2 ; j++ )
    		 	if ( szText [k] == 32 || j == XSize - 3 )
    		 		cout << "-";
    		 		cout << szText [k];
       	return 0;
    if you took the time to read all of this uncommented..... kudos to you (what is a kudo??)

    Thanks for the couple of hours youll spend scratching your head in confusion and derision :)

    (edit) sorry about the tabs - they look fine in my IDE.... i have weird settings on tabs.
    Ph33r the sphericalCUBE

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    Your indexing szText with an uninitialized variable.
    This would be easy to find using a debugger.


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    SCHIEZER!! i havent figgerd out the debugger on devc++ yet - all i can do is set break points and look at thebacktrace.....
    Ph33r the sphericalCUBE

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    ok, so that didnt fix it. i scattered pauses all through.....

    SCHIEZER - more uninitialised variables! all through the damn thing!!!

    thanks for helping find the base source of my woes though.
    Ph33r the sphericalCUBE

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