Thread: file processing, delete certain data

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    file processing, delete certain data

    would anyone help me to settle this function?
    for your information, i want to delete certain information from the database.

    example in the the database is name, address, and room number
    i just want to edit the room number of certain person from the database, anyone who know how to do that please tell me later.

    thanx in advance.

    void buyticket(int m){
    	fstream ticket("cruise.dat", ios::in | ios::out); //open patient's file
    		cout<<"File could not be opened to read."<<endl;
    	ship data;
    	ticket.seekg(   (m-1) * sizeof(ship)   ); *)&data, sizeof(ship));
    	cout<<"Available ticket : "<< data.return_room() <<endl;
    		int avalroom,befroom;
    		cout<<"Enter room : "<<endl;
    		cout<<"After : "<<room<<endl<<endl;
    		ticket.seekp(   (m-1) * sizeof(ship)   );
    		ticket.write((char *)&data,sizeof(ship));//write into the binary file
    		cout<<"Record Modified!"<<endl;

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    What you should do IMO is create a class or a struct with all the data you need for the person. Read everything into an array or a std::vector, change it there, and then overwrite the file with the modified data.
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