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    1/ do we need maths in programming????

    2/ has maths got any thing to do with programming and
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    1. To some extent, yes.

    2. This tutorial gives an example:

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    yes you need basic maths im crap at maths and good a programming theres a big differnce

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    In every 3D game there is quite a bit of math. In many useful programs, there is some use of math. If you want to make a calculator, you need to use some math .
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    I've used set theory, boolean algebra, and calculus in my programs, so yeah, you could say that one needs math for programming. If you're doing game programming, you need the math necessary to model movement and know when two lines intersect, what is viewable to the user, etc. If you plan on majoring in computer science, you're going to get quite a bit of math.

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