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    my advice is use the net to learn rather then books

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    Originally posted by makveli
    my advice is use the net to learn rather then books
    Nowadays there are many sites giving tutorial.

    You can try some codes out there. I learn ASP through sample codes out there and it is more effective than reading like what I did with C++.

    After learning pointers and structures, try to learn data structures. If you can master data structures, I believe you will go far.
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    The internet has some good tutorials, but getting a few books will help a lot. It really does help to have a book, because it doesn't cover just one or two topics, like most tutorials do. Later when you forget how to do something, rather than having to go back to the site and search through the tutorials, you can look in the index of the book. At the very least buy one or two books that cover a range of topics for reference
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    ok i have a electronic book i downloaded on c++ but he dont explain he should make the code as simple as possible then slowly get harder he starts hard and gets easy

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