Thread: what is code????

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    what is code????

    i now you can make programs from funtions and statment and the like, but how can you write thses funtions and apart from the above, how do you write "code".
    because i was told that code consists of many numbers and i really would like on of you many people to answer my question above

    thanks!! ^.^

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    Re: what is code????

    Originally posted by nerdyneo
    because i was told that code consists of many numbers
    You write code on any text editor, the compiler will then tranlate your code into assembly code and it's then when the assebler translates that into something the processor understands, ie numbers. After that the linker will put all the code togehter to make a working program.
    All you have to worry about is writing correct code for the language you're using.
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    To add to -=SoKrA=-'s comments, the term you want to use is "machine code", this is what assembler creates.


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