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    Question i just stop here.

    Is anybody ave a idea about basic window class in c++ from which we can manipulate window function such as scroll bar ,min window max window etc and also what the hell is that delegation & persistance?

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    there is no such thing as a basic window in C++. By that I mean, there is no standard function/class that defines what a window is. You are free to create your own. One common window system is that called Windows. It uses a base library called Windows API wherein a base window class is declared/defined. However, I suspect the window system used in Apple computers has a slightly different API, and Linux has another API to define what makes up their base window class. And, if you don't like any of those, you can make your own.

    As to delegation and persistence, I'm going to pass.

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    QT is a cross platform library for GUI development. I believe you have to have the professional or enterprise version to get the MS Windows version of the library though.

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    Persistence is when a program stores its data in some way so that it can use a continuous set of data through every execution. Look up relational database management systems (RDBMS), object-oriented database management systems (OODMBS), and serialization for specific methods of persistence.

    Delegation is when an object passes on a message or command to other objects. The term really has no meaning in C++. The closest match would be inheritance which technically achieves the same concept but through a different process.

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    Take al look at Sunlight's Windows tutorials.

    I'll make the assumption that you are running Microsoft Windows, and that you are using a Windows compiler. Not all compilers can make a Windows application, because the Windows API functions (windows.h) are not part of ISO C++.

    As you will see from the tutorial, there is a lot of "overhead" to Windows programs... You can't just add a couple of functions to get a full re-sizable window that responds to the mouse etc.

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