Thread: can a class display its name?

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    can a class display its name?

    Is there a way to have a class display its name (i.e. base) without setting a varible to it's name? Maybe there is a variable that has contains its name?

    class base {
    int x,y;
    void dispname();
    base::dispname() {
    std::cout << "the classes name is" <<  ???? //possible varible containing "base"

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    I believe you can get it with RTTI, though the syntax for structure with that data has escaped my memory.

    Why do you want this name though? Is it for use with inheritance issues? If so, there are likely better ways of dealing with your problems (RTTI is rather slow), but we'd need to know more about the problem to come up with a solution.
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    There's a function in <typeinfo>:
    which returns a string representation of the type name of the object. You could probably use it. I'm not sure. Do research on that if you'd like.

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    I wouldn't think so....

    But, I hadn't heard of <typeinfo> before, and maybe that header puts the names in the execuatable ??? Normally you won't find the class names (or variable names) in your exe file.

    I looked at the Dinkumware web site, and they say a name, not the name. Well, it's worth a try!

    Normally, you can call your class MyClass, or MySuperLongClassName, and you will get exactly the same execuitable.

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    That's what RTTI is for, with RTTI enabled, class names, etc are placed into your EXE file as you have typed them into your program - eg. MyClass, or MySuperLongClassName. Then you can use the typeinfo stuff for retrieving class names, etc.

    RTTI stands for Run Time Type Information I believe. I only ever use it for the "dynamic_cast" operator.

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