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    just one more question...

    Hey. I want to know how hard C++ is. I know alot about computers. I have programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 (i made a calculator, web browser, and currency converter) and HTML (i've made a couple sites). I have created maps for the game Counter-Strike (hope you know what that game is). Am I cut out for C++?

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    I believe that C++ with its object oriented nature makes things so easy that many people feel the need to make it more difficult than it is. It allows you to think like a human, in english. Objects are nouns, methods are actions that an object can perform. People who claim it is harder aren't seeing it right.
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    I have to say that C++ isn't hard at all. The one difficult thing about it is that there is so much to it you might find it challenging to learn it all (or as much as you can)... If you have an innate programatic proclivity (such as I feel I must have been born with) you will truly revel in it's magnificence and power. Once you get your toes wet, you're going to want to jump right into the ice, speedos or none then you'll forget about any difficulty and just try to throw a bucket of knowledge on your fire of hunger.

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    I haven't used Visual BASIC, but I have used command-line BASIC, and I find C/C++ quite a bit more difficult than BASIC. In BASIC, "Hello World" is one line of code! The syntax, keywords, and built-in functions seem more english-like to me.

    In C++, there are several of libraries and lots of library functions. I don't know of any reference book or manual that has them all. (They are all in my MSCV++ help files, but if you don't know the function name you can't find it.)

    And, when it comes to Windows programming, VB is often preferred when applications are needed quickly.

    Perhaps BASIC is too easy... not respected as a real programming language... A friend said to me "BASIC? ...I learned BASIC in kindergarten!"

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    You are asking a question analogous to "I have played with tonka trucks and painted a house before do you think I have what it takes to become an astronaut?" Sure everything you've done helps, but in the end it has very little to do with whether or not you are ready. C++ (as with any programming language) can be defined as a skill. Web design is a skill as well as level development. They are not really similar skills whatsoever. Granted you average programmer is probably a decent web-designer, that doesn't mean he is demonstrating his/her skills as a programmer as much as it is a show of a well rounded professional. I know that doesn't answer your question. To answer your question yes you have what it takes since you are interested in the subject. That is all it truly requires.

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    I'll second what master5001 said, and add this:

    C++ is a skill, and like any skill, if you put in the time and effort to learn it, you will do well. If you put in effrot and practiced the violin daily, you'd become a good or great player in time. Same with C++, if you invest the time and effort, you get a payoff.
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    I would have to say that C++ in itself is not too difficult to learn, but depending on what you want to use it for, actually putting code together to make something can be very challenging. There are millions of functions that you could learn from many different libraries, and in many cases, you must know something about mathematics and you must think logically.

    Its not really for me to say whether you will be able to learn it, but you most certainly could...
    if you want to learn C++, it will take time
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    Nice to see you back, master5001.

    What exactly do you want to do with C++? If you want to write a game engine or an OS, then it might be difficult.

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    In my opinion, if you actually do want to learn C++, it's not hard. It will be more difficult if your heart is not in it. If you're really into programming, then I highly recommend learning C++, because it is a very powerful and portable language.

    As for your previous experience, I would say that VB is the only one relevant here. Level development, general computer stuff, and HTML, would not really help in learning C++.

    If you decide to take up this beautiful language, then good luck!
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    C++ is definately harder to learn that Visual Basic and it's alot stricter than HTML, but it's definately not hard at all if you really want to know it...
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    well i wanna write games.... but i want to use some other enginge, not make my own. I dont plan on making an operating system, either.

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    games range from "guess what number I'm thinking of" which you can probably write code for after a couple days of programming to Quake (or whatever the latest craze is), which probably was written by a team of professionals including several programmers, graphical artists, etc. over the course of several months to years. The skill sets you need depend on how sophisticated the game you want to make is. But one thing for sure, you'll never know how good you are until you give it a try. I wouldn't recommend trying out for the Olympics until you've had at least a couple of lessons however.

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