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    compiling tools

    Hey. As you may know, i'm new to this C++ stuff. I want to know if i should by a compiler tool, like Microsoft C++ or Borland C++, or if i could just get one off the web. Also, i want to know if there are any sites that get into detailed game programming and socket programming. Can you guys help me?

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    Here's a link to a compiler description page:

    This is the best socket tutorial I've seen: has some nice game tutorials, and there are a lot more listed on the game programming board.

    Good luck!

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    Bloodshed Dev C++ is a nice free IDE. IDEs are good for most people because it allows you to program with little knowledge of compiling, linking, and makefiles.
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    You can get the standard version of Microsoft Visual C++ for about $100. Microsoft Visual C++ is probably the most popular non-free compiler.

    The free Bloodshed package (IDE) is very popular.

    Borland and Microsoft both have free command-line compilers. (They can both compile Windows applications, but they run from a command line... and are compilers only... no editor etc.) Somewhere, I read that the Borland command-line compiler is the most popular free compiler.

    Here's a list of free compilers.

    Normally I don't care if something is popular, but I'd recommend starting-out with a popular compiler, because it's easier to find someone to help when you need it.

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