Thread: a little trouble understanding

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    a little trouble understanding

    I am going through the tutorals to learn c++ on rgw cprogramming website, but i don't quite understand cin>> is for as an example on the last tutoral i did it's cin>>age; i just don't understand what this is telling the program. I know this is kind of a stupid basic question, but well all gotta start somewhere..

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    int main()
      int num;
      cout << "Enter a number: ";
      cin >> num;
      cout << "You entered " << num << endl;
      return 0;
    cin stands for console input. The statement above cin >> num; will wait until the user enters a number and then save that input to the variable num.

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    cin >> age;

    cin == console input

    >> == stream extraction operator

    age == variable(int)

    cin >> enables you to input data into your program. In this case your entering a person's age into the variable(identifier) named(called) age. BTW data is inputted and outputted by means of
    streams. A stream is a consistent logical interface that is connected to a physical file(keyboard, monitor, floppy, ...).
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    lol it's funny the way you both showed me is kinda confusing yet i somehow understand now it just kinda clicked, thanks.

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