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    Function Pointer

    I have a function in my code that I want to return a pointer to a function. The result would then invoke the returned function. How would I set this up? Here is the code for the function that returns one of two pointer to another function.
    USHORT * getPixelFormat()
    	DDPIXELFORMAT ddpixel;
    	//clear out structure
    	memset(&ddpixel, 0, sizeof(ddpixel));
    	//set length
    	ddpixel.dwSize = sizeof(ddpixel);
    	//use primary surface interface to get pixel format
    	//determine function corresponding to pixel format
    	BOOL RGB = (ddpixel.dwFlags & DDPF_RGB);
    	// test for mode 5.5.5
    	if (RGB & (ddpixel.dwRGBBitCount==15))    
    		return RGB16BIT555;                   
    	if (RGB & (ddpixel.dwRGBBitCount==16))
    		return RGB16BIT565;
    	return NULL;
    Here is more of the code I have tried.
    USHORT * getPixelFormat();
    USHORT RGB16BIT555(int r, int g, int b);
    USHORT RGB16BIT565(int r, int g, int b);
    USHORT (*pfnColor)(int,int,int);			 // pointer to RGBcolor function
    	// Determine color function based on pixel format
    	pfnColor = getPixelFormat();
    void Plot_Pixel(int x, int y, int red, int green, int blue, USHORT * video_buffer, int lpitch)
    	USHORT pixel = (*pfnColor)(red,green,blue);
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    If you want to keep your sanity, make a typedef for the type of the function you want to return a pointer to.

    After that, its dead easy
    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef void (*fp)(void);
    void foo ( void ) {
        printf( "This is foo\n" );
    void bar ( void ) {
        printf( "This is bar\n" );
    fp chooser ( int which ) {
        if ( which ) {
            return foo;
        } else {
            return bar;
    int main ( void ) {
        fp one = chooser(0);  // grab a function
        fp two = chooser(1);
        one();  // and call it
        // combined
        return 0;
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    Thanks Salem, my program compiles now but doesn't work properly.

    Basicly I was trying to implement the proper pixel format instead of just assuming 565. When I was making the assumption and using a #define for my RGB value it was working now it will not plot and I am not sure why. I will repost the entire code under the windows section and maybe someone can help me figure out whats going wrong.

    Ignore the above, doh I was using the & operator in place of the logical && in two of my tests. Again thanks for the help on the pointer to function aspect
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