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    Bit transposing

    i was wondering on how to do a bit transposition.
    I really need this for a project i am doing encrypting a data base.
    and i am stumped on this one.
    all help is appreciated

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    You can determine whether or not a particular bit is turned on by using the & operator, ie:
    if (value & 0x01)
    if (value & 0x02)
    if (value & 0x04)
    if (value & pow(2,0))
    if (value & pow(2,1))
    if (value & pow(2,2))
    To ensure a bit is turned on, do this:
    To ensure it is off, do this:
    Note that those last two code pieces will ensure the bit state no matter what it was orginally, so they're safe to use without first checking the state.

    I suggest a function signature like this:
    int SwapBits(int value, int index1,int index2);
    Good luck. Have a shot, then post any problems you have.
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