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    void pointer

    I made a function that has a void pointer as a parameter. I don't think I did it right (I've never made a function with a void pointer before). It always returns 0, no matter what. Here is my code:

    unsigned int BTFImage::GetData(unsigned char SetFlag, void* dest)
    	switch (SetFlag)
    	case BTF_WIDTH:
    		dest = &width;
    		return height;
    		return 0;
    PS: There are more cases in the actual function, I just copied and pasted one.

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    > dest = &width;
    Doesn't work for the same reason SetFlag = 1 wouldn't change the value in the caller.

    Either pass a void** parameter and do
    *dest = &width;

    Or pass a void* parameter as a reference (since this is C++)

    I hope width isn't a private class member, that would be very bad C++
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    You could also do:

    	case BTF_WIDTH:
    		*(int *)dest = width;
    		return height;
    		return 0;
    This, however, places the burden on the caller to allocate space for the data.
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