Thread: Null character and string object

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    Null character and string object

    Hi folks,

    Just a quick question: what is so illegal about the following line of code? That is, why would it throw an exception?

    std::string someStr='\0';
    If I define someStr first, and then assign the null character second, I have no problem. Why is this? Aren't the two equivalent, but I've just shifted the assignment down a bit?


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    You can't initialise an std::string with a character in that way. If you really need to you should be able to do the following:

    std::string someStr(1,'\0');

    Note that in C++ initialisation and assignment are two very different things.

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    The assignment operator is overloaded to receive a string as parameter. Is like having a function:
    void f(char *str);
    and use it passing a char.
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    Omnius: Thankyou, what you told me coupled with a bit of research of my own answered my question.

    gustavosserra: That's true, but after reading the definition for std::string I found that it's also overloaded for char, which would explain why I had no problems assigning the character later.

    Thanks for the help, both of you. Much appreciated.

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