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    I would just say that college is a great for learning the thought processes neccesary to optimize code. This is what most companies do, hack together something that works then will go back and release patches that have optimized algorithms, fix bugs, and help otherwise. Now, there are some fields where you cant release a "just good enough" product, such as flight path algorithms for NASA spacecraft, where one bug might cause millions of dollars to go down the drain, or a Nuclear reactor's sensor device's code having a bug that causes it not to trip a switch during a meltdown.

    or, in the best example, "just good enough" code gave us windows, while "good code" gave us linux

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    Originally posted by jr2007
    I have been teaching myself while revising for GCSEs.

    I use this site and source code from others and a book C++ Weekend Crash Course.
    Is this what you think this thread is about? You're supposed to be flaming people here!

    "The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs." -- Joseph Weizenbaum.

    "If you cannot grok the overall structure of a program while taking a shower, you are not ready to code it." -- Richard Pattis.

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    Originally posted by joshdick
    That thinking there is the problem. Software companies only make their code good enough and no better. The result is often software riddled with bugs or security vulnerabilities.
    That's twisting what I said. By definition, if the software is 'riddled with bugs or security vulnerabilities' then it isn't 'good enough'.

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