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    OpenScript2.0 Compiler

    Hey everyone again, this is Jeff Verkoeyen and I have recently started working on a compiler for my scripting language; OpenScript.

    If you haven't heard of OpenScript, it is a scripting language that allows you to make quick OpenGL applications VERY easily and without having to buy an expensive compiler or worrying about window creation. The program also handles a lot of the things that usually take a long time to implement, like sound (using FMod), user input, rendering OpenGL (correctly ), and window creation/handling.

    OpenScript1.0 is already finished (and actually has been finished for quite some time now, it was developed in April of 2003), however, OpenScript1.0 used a "direct" scripting/interpreting method where it would actually read through the file over and over for each frame. The end result of this actually wasn't too bad, but it is time for OpenScript's true power to be shown. I am now designing a compiler for OpenScript which (if you will notice) looks and works very much like visual C++. The one catch however, is that this entire project is being done from scratch.

    I started coming up with ideas for the compiler last saturday (October 25, 2003) and now on Oct. 29, 2003, I have a decent-enough demo that shows off the working project/workspace system. Here are the features included in the compiler so far:

    Workspace: This basically just holds everything for the current "instance" of the compiler, the workspace itself isn't modifiable, but you can add multiple projects in to the workspace.
    Projects: A project is basically an OpenScript program. Each individual project, when compiled, will generate an OpenScript program.
    Groups: Projects can contain multiple groups for easy file management. Groups can have notes stored with them, can be changed, inserted, and removed.
    Items/Files: These are what allow you to compile your OpenScript programs. In the current version of the compiler, OpenScript programs can only run off of one .ost file (Source file) and as many .osh files (Header files) as it chooses. Future versions of the compiling engine will see the ability for multiple source files.

    If you download the current demo of the compiler, you will notice a couple of things that look VERY much like visual C++, and I intended it this way. First off, the workspace viewer works nearly identical to VC++'s workspace viewer, and I am quite happy with the way that it works currently. Also, an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) is integrated in to the program so that you can have multiple files open at once for working on them.

    Note: the demo below is NOT finished, please don't ask questions like "Why can't I compile programs?" the answer to that is that the compiler engine hasn't been integrated in to the actual compiler interface yet. I have the code for compiling completely finished, I just have to translate it over so that it works correctly in the interface (like putting together a very complex puzzle).

    If you do download the demo and find any bugs (IE: the program crashes randomly) please post here with the following items:
    Computer specs (OS, speed, ram):
    When the bug happened (see if you can recreate it):

    I am open to any suggestions, as the actual interface is still in development, so if you would like to have something put in there that isn't in there already, just post here and I'll get on it.

    Thank you in advance for trying out the program, I look forward to seeing some replies!

    -Note: The actual OpenScript2.0 compiler engine should be integrated sometime within the next month, depending on how soon I competely finish the interface and am sure that it's relatively bug-free.

    -edit- no, it's NOT opensource the name merely merges OpenGL with the word script, OpenGL/Script==OpenScript
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    Shouldn't this be on the game board?
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    well, not really, it's not a game, this program was compiled using only c++ and win32, and there's no game in a compiler...

    but y'know, that would make programming much more fun

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    Ok, here's a fixed version that has no bugs (at least, i'm pretty sure there aren't any....)

    I am now going to start working on the compiling process for the compiler, so you can hope to see some compiled OpenScript programs sometime within the next week

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