Thread: Converting a string to a character array

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    Converting a string to a character array

    Hi there,
    I was wondering how you would be able to convert a user-inputted peice of data of type string to a character array. Any ideas?

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    You can get a "const char*" by calling "c_str()" on a string object.


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    I didn't know that, ha, I would have made a loop to do it --

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    Better yet, if you don't want a const char* use the copy() function:
    #include <iostream> 
    #include <string>
    using namespace std; 
    int main()
    string s;
    char* buf;
    s = "THIS IS A STRING";
    buf = new char[s.size()+1];
    copy takes two or three parameters:

    copy(char* buf, int len);
    copy(char* buf, int len,int startpos);

    It copies at most len characters into the buffer, and with the second function starts copying with a certain character in the std::string...It doesn't null terminate the char* so take that into account

    Note: You could also simply use data() which works like c_str() (returns an array of chars) but doesnt append a Null character
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