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    How do i load a whole file in to an array?

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    I didn't even need to read the post, your thread subject told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about your problem.

    Read the rules and post properly next time.

    How do i load a whole file in to an array?
    Look up the ReadFile() function.
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    How do you want your array set up? You could have every element of the array be a character, a line, or a paragraph. You could even have something else depending on how your file is formatted. You need to be a helluva lot more specific. Posting code would be very helpful.

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    i'm assuming your data file is set up the way i have mine for the battle system... in that case...
    	ifstream infile("stats.dat");	//open stats file
    	while(infile.getline(filename,20,' '))	//while more usernames, take it in
    		if(!strcmpi(filename,username))	//if filename matches
    				cout<<username<<"::"<<filename<<endl;	//test string
    				system("pause");	//test pause
    			infile.ignore(100,'h');	//ignore password field
       			break;	//end loop
       			infile.ignore(1000,'\n');	//ignore rest of line
    	infile.close();	//close file
    just modify that to fit your needs
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    Here is some code I've used before to read in a file into an array...maybe you'll find it usefull somehow:
    void readFromInputFile( char *text,     // large array to store input text
                            long &index,    // number of input file characters
                            char fileName[])// filename to use for input
       ifstream inStream;                  // Input file stream
       ofstream outStream;                 // Output file stream
       // Set value of index to start at 0, in case we're calling this function a second time
       index = 0;
       // open input file;   // associate the actual file name with "inStream"
       if ( ) {
          cout << "Input file opening for " << fileName << " failed.\n"
               << "The file either doesn't exist or is not in the current directory.\n"
               << "Exiting...\n\n" << endl;
       // open output file for debugging purposes"output.txt");   // associate the actual file name with "inStream"
       if ( ) {
          cout << "Output file opening for output.txt failed.\n"
               << "The file either doesn't exist or is not in the current directory.\n"
               << "Exiting...\n\n" << endl;
       // Read in the characters into our big array
       while ( inStream.get(text[ index++]) ) {
          if ( index >= MaxSize) {
             cout << "MaxSize of " << MaxSize << " was reached.\n";
          // outStream << text[ index-1];     // for debugging
       // close the input file

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