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    I am getting this error:

    c:\windows\TEMP\cc92DHQa.o(.text+0x30):untitl~1.cp p: undefined reference to `mysql_close@4'

    I can't figure out where to add in the library for linking - or else I am doing it right, but the solution listed above is not working. I am using bloodshed dev 4.0 on a windows machine.

    This is what I am doing from my C++ program:
    Options ---> Compiler Options

    I am adding ";C:\mysql\lib\opt\" to the Libraries directory:


    I have also tried moving everything from the opt folder into DEC-C++\Lib ... no luck. Same error message.

    Any ideas? I am new and am unfamiliar with the linking process.


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    Since I can't PM you, I'll remind you of the rules here.

    Bumping old threads with a related problem is not allowed, so I've split your message off into a new thread.

    Oh, and I've deleted your other thread as you requested.

    Given that mysql is the 'C' API and mysql++ is the 'C++' API, I'd say you've got some kind of mis-match.

    The problem is, the compiler has turned the C name mysql_close() into it's C++ equivalent, and obviously this doesn't exist.

    I'd try
    extern "C" { 
    #include <mysql.h>
    To force the C++ compiler to treat the SQL header file as C (though this should be done inside the header)
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