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    linked list

    Please can you help with my lniked list I've got a node declared and passed to function
    append_nodes wihtin main, Then in that function I input the elements for the node and assign the
    next pointer to a new node and test for memory.

    I'm not sure where to put my while loop to build new nodes and to include there input and test for memory
    I know where it is now is not possible I've only included it to show what I think I need in my loop.


    int main()
    node *top=new node;



    void append_nodes(struct node *append)

    cout<<"Enter persons name >";

    cout<<'\n'<<"Enter persons age >";

    append->next=new node;




    thanks for the help.

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    It's / NOT \ in the tags!

    First step is separate the 'data input' from the 'append list' function.

    Your code in main() should look like
    node = create_node();
    fill_in_data(node);  // this reads from the user
    list = append_list( list, node );  // appends node to list, and returns a (modified) list
    Hopefully, you'll end up with 3 small functions which you can test separately, rather than some 'big bang' function which does everything.

    Note, the list is only really modified when appending a node to an empty list.
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