Thread: Measuring time of a reply

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    Measuring time of a reply

    I would like to know if there is a way in C++ to measure the time that it takes between a function is initiated and a value is returned from it.


    std::cout << "assign a value: ";
    std::cin >> variable:
    (Here I call "std::cin" a function.)

    Here I want to know the time that it takes from that that the program is expecting a value to be assigned to the variable "variable", and that that a value has been assigned to it.

    I would also like to have the time that has been measured returned in a float of seconds and hundreds of seconds, like 3.21 for example.

    Sorry if I don't know the correct terms for everything, I hope you understand what I mean anyway.

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    well, you could use GetTickCount() like so:

    float current,last;
    last = GetTickCount(); /* get the current ticks since system   
                                             measured in milliseconds*/
    // your function
    current = (GetTickCount - last)/1000;// take the time elapsed     between the two, and divide by 
                                                            1 thousand to get time in seconds.*/
    printf("Function took %f seconds\n",current);
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    Except this is the C++ board so you would use cout... And you forgot the parentheses on your second call to GetTickCount()
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    You think I'm a noob, but I actually found that with the missing paranthesis out by myself. Yes, it's some float variable named "last", which I can't really figure out what its purpose is, subtracted from the return value of GetTickCount(). Right?

    I actually got this to work!!! The code does what I wanted it to do, I'm very thankful for this =)))
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    >>current = (GetTickCount - last)/1000;

    If that will compile at all, it's taking the address of the function...not calling it and manipulating the result

    GetTickCount isnt that reliable anyway...If you want any decent, consistant results, use a profiler

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    Then what it is a profiler and how does it work?

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