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    File Sharing

    Hi guys,
    For my final year dissertation i've decided i would like to program a file sharing program for use over a network/internet.
    The program will need security and a GUI.
    I was thinking a program along the lines of kazaa and napster.

    How big a project would this be for one person within the space of about 6 months. Is it possible?

    Obviously it may depend on experience, i know c/c++, some win32 and some networking (sockets, threads etc)

    Is there anything that would ahve to be done that maybe i wouldn't have a clue about?

    would Java be a better bet, but i have to say i much prefer c/c++.

    secondly if it is possible or not what is the definitive book on network programming using c/c++.

    Thanks a lot guys
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    If you are familiar with sockets and threads then you should be able to hash something out in 6 months, but not anything along the lines of Kazaa and Napster.

    I would start off with two very simple console applications, a client and a server. You can find a simple client/server framework on the net or from a network programming book.

    Completely design your client/server protocol on paper first. As an example, the client may issue commands like "dir", "get file", or "search".

    Once you feel like your protocol can support anything you might want it to do, start working on a nice Windows GUI for the client.


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    Java is very good for this sort of programs.
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