Thread: simple File I/O question

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    simple File I/O question


    Below is a piece of code that opens a file.
    if I got readFile(fileName) where "fileName" is a string containing a file the program does not compile.

    string fileName;
    fileName = "blah.txt";
    ifstream readFile;;
    ifstream readFile;"blah.txt");
    if I enter the file name directly in quotes it works. How do I specify the file I want to open using a variable?

    I've of course #include 'ed string and fstream

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    Try fileName.c_str() );
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    thanks, just found out myself, learn the whole s string part and was a about to reply that I found a solution!

    Good to see I was on the right track

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    Code: fileName.c_str() );
    what does the .c_str() do?

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    The c_str() and data() methods of the string class, returns the string as an array of bytes, like "old" C strings.

    string s = "Hello";
    char *oldtypestring = s.c_str();

    oldtypestring is now "Hello\0"
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