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    how do you code images into output statements with using a ton of cout statements?...i want to write a jeopardy game and "Draw" the characters of the game onto the screen but i am not sure how to do this without having a thousand cout statements for each symbol which will make up the images...any suggestions?

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    i assume you mean ascii style pictures, as opposed to .bmp's or the like.

    that being true, you could use long strings and just change the parts of the string that actually change each move. you have the choice of just assigning new chars when just a single/few pieces move, or using strcpy when a lot of adjacent chars change.

    if your feeling brave, you could even make a string table and then just have one cout statement coded into a loop.

    (if you are talking about bmp's, then i don't think cout can help you! )

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    i wrote this a while back and i dont know if anyone has made good use of it. i quite like it.

    its basically a graphics engine for ascii console graphics. it makes ascii graphics not only easy, but extremely fast and smooth. it doesnt use cout or anything like that, instead it writes to a buffer and uses a function called WriteConsoleOutput to display it to the screen all at once. it also is paired with an animation class that allows you to load frames of an animation and play them contiguously.

    the zip includes a readme and some example programs i wrote.
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