Thread: Which compilers should i use for....

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    Which compilers should i use for....

    is GCC the best compilers to use if i want to programm a little OS??

    and one thing....a lot of people are telling me i can't develop the os in WindowXP. why not?? because i want to do some coding with DEV C++ / GCC in WinXP and test it later..... ( while i am listening to MP3s.... ^_^)

    Any body has the answer to that??

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    Post compiler

    Well I was reading tutorials about writing kernels and operating systems (and followed them) @ and check out the links and they all said to use GCC for writing the C code and NASM for writing the hardware interface in assembler. And about XP I don't know because I will not use it I change my hardware and format my hard drive too much to follow the restrictions unless I get the big business version.

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    if you could write or find some sort of bios only machine emulator then i see no reason why you should not be able to test the bootloader and kernal.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Post Question.

    Why exactly do you want to write the OS in XP anyway? you could always load a different version of windows or even LINUX, BeOS, or another free OS.

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