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    Cool Quick question if i may

    Hello all, first off new at programming and must say this site is great for starting out. Ive always wondered how it all "works" so i thought i may try to figure it out. Hopeing to go to college for programming someday ...eeh ..but anyways, my question is, when i make a simple program the ones in the basic tutorial on this site ...i cant keep the dos window to stay open .. when I press enter to execute whatever it may be ..before i have time to read what it says, it just close's on me. Real erritating when i make a simple math program ..cant see what the product of my numbers were. Chances are im just not far enough in the tutorials to learn what i gotta put in to quit it from doing that ...but would be very helpful if i knew now. Thx ahead of time

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    Welcome to programming. This site does have some good stuff. One of the good things it has is a FAQ that answers that very question. Try looking in the FAQ. Also, if you have other questions in the future, make sure you check the FAQ and search the forum to see if your question has been answered already.

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